By Educationaffairs

Garden Flowering Plants that you can grow from seeds 


MARIGOLD Pot marigolds give borders and pots a burst of colour. Plus, it self-seeds, giving you more flowers the following year.

SHASTA DAISY In certain climates, these plants are perennials and bloom for a considerable amount of time, from July to September. They work well as cut flowers and as borders for flowers.


These blooms, which range in colour from bright yellow to deep orange, are great for containers or as garden edging plants.


Growing Cosmos from seed is simple. Pollinators love the eye-catching pink, white, burgundy, or even orange flowers.Calendula


These large, vivid flowers are perfect for growing with kids because they are simple to grow from seed. They have the potential to reach two metres in height.


Growing zinnias is one of the most rewarding floral endeavours. They can be sown directly outside or started indoors, and they germinate rapidly.


Morning glory grows quickly from seed and is ideal for climbing obelisks, weaving through trees and shrubs, and filling in fence gaps.


Blooms in bright orange, red, or yellow, and is easy to grow. Strong and able to climb through beds, nasturtiums are a great choice for cultivation.